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10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

Find out how many calories this 10 Minute Abs Workout burns @ http://bit.ly/x3Llm6 Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our Fat Loss Programs @ http://bit.ly/13EdZ…

Beginners: Do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd37 Hey Sixpack-Shortcutters, What’s up! In this episode, I will be …
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50 Responses to “10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises”

  1. FitnessBlender says:

    7 Million views! Thanks for working out with me guys! Have you tried any of
    our hundreds of other full length workout videos, including many more ab
    and oblique workouts?

  2. Rheasia Fraser says:

    so what can I do if I’m comfortable with my weight and size but I want to
    lose belly fat,gain abs and tone my legs and stuff?…I just had a baby so
    my skin is not as toned as it should be and I have a bit of stretch marks.

  3. Katie Pape says:

    Does this really work?
    I need to loose ten pounds in a month…….
    Need some help

  4. Luluanthehollow says:

    Just a random question, do guys find Girls with abs attractive? Or naww

  5. saltillo72 says:

    Is this workout for women only?

  6. Samantha Morales says:

    Is it best to do body weight cardio to burn fat until I want to get to my
    goal weight and then do some weights or use the cords ? I want to lose
    quote percent body fat plus lose the prego lose skin that hangs over and on
    my thighs and arms lol

  7. MuchMore SF says:

    hey thanks for the video ,, and i have a quastion about the last workout .
    my knees cracks is that normal ? i didnt complete the exercise bcz my knees
    were cracking shouldn’t i be concern about it ? thanks for your help

  8. Justin Mills says:

    Should this be done every day? I’m not over weight i actually have a fast
    metabolism. 6’0 135 lbs. Looking for some definition

  9. anna zamora says:

    can i loose weight by doing this one?

  10. JayDaisy says:

    I didn’t start the vid yet but I have some questions lol. But if I do this
    every day how long untill i see results? I’m 4’11” and 112 lbs :( and I
    really want a flat stomach before I go to Florida in august. 

  11. Blackheaven Nikki says:

    So how long will it take to notice a difference even while eating
    right….while dealing with layers of fat from THREE pregnancies? How often
    should I incorporate ab workouts into my routine per week?

  12. Ana Castillo says:

    Hi! i dont wanna lose weight! just get toned up!! can i get toned up
    without losing weight?

  13. Emma Dendooven says:

    after doing this, i was laying on my bed for 3 hours while eating chips and
    candy, that isn’t the way to get abs i think…

  14. Ghadeer Alkhaifi says:

    If I workout everyday with the same exercise, will I notice any change
    after one week ??

  15. Ancaam Ahmed says:

    I’m skinny only got two pack being doin this for 2weeks I can see the 4
    pack forming!!!

  16. Vanessa CWC says:

    the six pack will only reveal after i burn the fat on my tummy?

  17. Francine J says:

    This works trust me I have been getting compliments. I love it short and

  18. Aliesha Horan says:

    Loving my results from this! This video is my little secret hehe

  19. iHEARTt0kyo16 says:

    what can I use to replace dumbbells cuz i don’t have a pair. haha. anyone?

  20. rachel weidner says:

    I really need to lose weight 

  21. Samuel Newton says:

    Awesome quick ab workout! (10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and
    Obliq…: http://youtu.be/1919eTCoESo) 

  22. bibi foufou says:

    10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises 10 Min Abs
    Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

  23. Anne Boucher says:

    How many calories are actually burned? I feel like the website has been
    through a few updates since the video was made; I can’t seem to find the
    information on it.

  24. Candace Day says:

    It’s harder than it looks. And I thought I was fit until after 5 seconds of
    the video. But it’s a nice workout so thank you

  25. donna newell says:

    can ladies do this excerise or it just for men can anyone tell me please

  26. 90's Baby says:

    how long you do this before you move up a level though ??

  27. Levitan Co says:

    is this a daily workout or 3 times a week?

  28. Louis Self says:

    when I work out I always feel really dizzy and ill. It doesnt help that I
    am slightly overweight. Any tips?


    I’m a beginner. I ran 20 min then do this workout 6 days every week
    Is that good or I need to push myself more? 

  30. I'm Hyper says:

    What the fuck is this shit? You can’t get a six pack from only working out
    7 minutes! Mike chang is the biggest asshole in the workout industry. I
    don’t buy that shit.

  31. Bradley Medina says:

    I’m 14, this is my daily workout
    30 push ups
    100 crunches
    1 minute of the bicycle thing..
    20 toe touches
    10 sit ups
    30 more push-ups
    And then I’m done and go to bed

  32. Robert Carrasco says:

    You should make a mini series follow the new guy and helping the beginner
    with food choices and his progress I would watch that and a few if my
    buddy’s would to 

  33. ButterlesToast says:

    Lets say someone is not strong enough to lift their body weight? How can
    you possibly do push-ups? It’s just a question so don’t complain and
    comment that I might be one because i can lift 160 easily. (my body weight
    for the stupid people out there)

  34. Ari Snaevarsson says:

    Them metal is pretty out of place lol. 

  35. coolz coolz says:

    where is bryan now?i wanna see if he gain muscle after 2 years. lol

  36. Delaram Sani says:

    Thank you sir

  37. Tyson Koss says:

    No Gym? No problem. Short on time? No problem. Don’t know where to start?
    No problem #fitnessmotivation #bodyweightworkout 

  38. Reson Oner says:

    He spelt “beginner” wrong on the white board haha

  39. footballismyhobby says:

    Guys, I’ve been doing this for 7 days only and I tell you what, IT WORKS.

    Not that suddenly i lost 3kg, no. Not that suddenly my belly become
    slimmer, no. I just feel more fit and energized as ever.

    I am 25 years old, weighing 100kg. Yes that’s right, a hundred kilos. I was
    an active person before but due to some reasons I left out my
    workout/exercise part. Then it was a struggle to get started again until i
    found this video.

    One clear sign that I believe I am improving is that at first I struggle a
    lot to do the toe touches. Just now I can do it easier with more reps and
    better reach. Not only that, starting from the 4th day I add up 1 set to
    make it 4 sets. At first, 3 sets was really stretching me thin. I plan to
    make it 5 sets on the next few days.

    So my advice is (especially for those with serious weight/motivation issue)
    – get started and keep on doing it. No matter how heavy you are, how unfit
    you are, just get down and start doing it. Don’t worry about reps or sets,
    JUST DO IT. Consistently.


  40. jmpnjessie says:

    Awesome! Just what I need when I am “Lazy” Thank you – no guilt now!! 

  41. PersianImmortal17 says:

    So is this enough daily workout for a beginner or there needs to be more
    exercise? Because in his other video he said you need 30m- 1 hour a
    day….please let me know 

  42. Mohammed Salman says:

    Thanks Mike
    I really Appreciate…..
    C ya after a month for next step 

  43. sharp blade says:

    for how long i sticking doing this exercise and
    what next step?

  44. bobdeu says:


  45. Tango Foxtrot says:

    Would this routine be a good starting point before i tryed something like
    P90x or Insanity? im 280lbs and i want to get into shape, but im not
    conditioned enough to exercise daily. 

  46. Fernando Nasri says:

    I have a question if someone does this workout can we use protein after it

  47. Araun Lewis says:

    I skipped a day I’m never skipping a day because when you go back at it it
    feels 10xs harder 

  48. despairingleonardo says:

    what kind of body would i get if i do this everyday?

  49. orpheus descending says:

    Just now I did this is its entirety and learned two things. One, I wasn’t
    as physically prepared to do this as I thought I was, and two, my legs are
    still super long and I still can’t come close to touching my toes. I’m
    looking forward to this tomorrow, though!


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