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Eat Well, Lose Weight. A Review

Eat Well, Lose Weight (Better  Homes & Gardens Cooking) / Jeanne Ambrose and Sheena Chihak. (Better  Homes & Gardens, 2008). Ringbound, 547 p. ISBN 9780696236334

Eat Well, Lose Weight can potentially help wean a lot of people from over-reliance on packaged foods and encourage them to cook at home. The recipes are easy to prepare and taste nothing like diet food. People who don’t cook at all will soon discover that it is not at all difficult to make better-tasting and more varied meals. People who don’t like to cook will soon find multiple recipes that do not require much  effort. People who enjoy cooking will love the shear number of healthy recipes they can try out.

First, the recipes in Eat Well, Lose Weight include many for what lots of Americans consider normal food. They do not require exotic ingredients that are hard to find in the average grocery story. They do not have a  long list of ingredients. Many need some planning ahead, because the food has to cook a while–including many slow cooker recipes–but they require time, not attention.

The American diet has too much fat, salt, and sugar. Packaged foods claiming to be low in fat will almost invariably boost the salt and/or sugar content. The same shell game happens with low sodium or low sugar foods. The recipes in Eat Well, Lose Weight avoid this trap by relying on herbs and spices for flavor. Each one comes with a listing of the calories and various nutrients, including diabetic exchanges, per serving.

Unlike “diet” cookbooks, Eat Well, Lose Weight has no forbidden foods. It even includes a chapter on desserts.  It is, in other words, a cookbook that celebrates food, not one that regards some foods as an enemy. And yet with its healthy ingredients and reasonable portion sizes, people who use it regularly will lose weight as they enjoy their food.

Eat Well, Lose Weight includes introductory information on basic nutrition and a beautiful color photograph of each dish. Better Homes & Gardens has come through again. Every day the All-Purpose Guru Alert features one carefully selected book like this. Visit regularly!

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