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Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 is a fierce fat-blasting abdominal workout that employs a sure-fire combination of core-focused cardio…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lose inches off your waist with this hip shaking workout. Guaranteed to shrink your waist and tighten your core. Shake, stretch and roll your way to a sexy b…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1”

  1. Petar Milosavljevic says:

    Hello people, can anybody of you suggest me good weight loss program for
    woman? My wife has big problems with obesity… she tired a lot of programs
    and diets but nothing really worked for her (because of “yo-yo” effect when
    she stopped using them). If any women knows proven, good wieght loss
    program, please suggest! Thanks in advance 

  2. skybird451 says:

    Need to try this! :)

  3. Female Fitness Addict says:

    Hi Befit, again a very nice video!

    I just published a video on toning the arms, especially for women and
    doable at home in just 5 minutes.

    For anyone that is interested in such a workout, feel free to take a look.
    Thank you.

    Keep the videos coming BeFit!

  4. Enauris Mateo says:

    Right now i’m at my first week of the 30 day shred level 3, so you can tell
    i’m actually familiarized with working against myself and to feel like i’m
    gonna die while working out lol, so i started doing this but i can’t feel
    the burn… i get tired and some of this exercises are not easy for me but
    i don’t feel like i’m burning fat or calories even though i sweat a lot, is
    this okay?

  5. Cinthya Fenske-Arrieta says:

    Core day today :D great workout!

  6. Owen Alexander says:

    will this work for lemons?

  7. Sneha Prasad says:

    Since this a high intensity workout, is it okay to do this routine during
    your periods?

  8. raven rena says:

    im actually only able to do the first 10 minutes, im just starting to work
    out and i dont wanna push myself to hard. would doing the first 10 minutes,
    3 times a day work? i want to pace myself out and add 5 minutes every week
    until i can do the whole thing. someone please respond 

  9. Melana Llopis says:

    how many days a week are we suppose to do this work out?

  10. Sidra Kay says:

    Look at them smiling making t look easy :,( 

  11. Alex Shaw says:

    Must be mad, just done this workout with +Terri Shaw believe me it’s no
    joke and apparently it’s only level one!!!!!

  12. Anastasia y says:


  13. Anastasia Zhurova says:

    Is milk good for u

  14. alexandra winkler says:

    this workout is just amazing ! now
    im looking for level 2… cant find it :(

  15. Nelson Carnell says:

    do you have to do this every day for 6 weeks? please tell me the answer i
    need to know

  16. RMBvids says:

    None of them have a 6 pack though..?? Why would I trust this to work when
    they don’t even have it

  17. blah beckham says:

    this shit have me feeling like ima die

  18. メキシコ人 says:

    How long do I stay on level one?

  19. Shasha Rshan says:

    I died at 10mins

  20. Andreen Nelson says:

    What foods should I definitely eat and not eat for this to work for me?

  21. Dilara M says:

    should i do it everyday?

  22. Royal Cyzix says:

    This work out works! I’ve done this video for about two months and I lost
    weight and I can notice my six pack!

  23. Shell Macy says:

    It’s pretty bad when this phony workout specialist can’t complete a
    triathlon, but chef Ramsey can, you figure it out!

  24. Piyaa Napong says:

    where is level 2????

  25. allison x says:

    is it normal if my thighs hurt after the workout? or am i doing it wrong?

  26. TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

    Visita mi FB en español… y obtén mucha información, consejos y mas!!!

  27. Patricia Etienne says:

    Im 18, 5 ft 7″ and usually weigh around 145. Recently, I put on like 5-10
    pounds just cuz of my eating habits. I could barely squeeze into my size 4
    shorts and even my size 6 were a bit snug. I was like heck no Im not going
    like this to college this fall. Ive heard of TiffanyRothe workouts before
    and have done them on and off but Ive never stayed committed. I was
    determined to lose that extra weight so since last Thursday I’ve been doing
    this particular workout 3x a day(if im running that day then 2x) as well as
    Zumba. It really works! Ive lost those extra pounds and now I fit my size 4
    shorts with ease. It really burns and tighten your stomach just after the
    first day! My stomach is flatter and ive lost a couple inches off the
    waist! Im SOOO happy. Remember you must keep a healthy diet, take your
    vitamins every day and try the Raw Meal as a meal or snack replacement. I
    hope this helps somebody!!!=]

  28. Nikita Chavez says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH Tiffany!!! <3 <3 <3 I have been doing
    these exercised for the past month with you here on youtube. After my
    pregnancy I had such a low self esteem I tried many other exercise routines
    and even dieted I weighed 170Ibs at 5'2" and now I am not sure how much I
    have lost these past few weeks but I have seen a major change in my
    clothes. I went from and XL in shirts to a Medium!!! I still got the same
    size pants and my top (if you know what I mean) so I am extremely pleased
    with this workout!!! Thank you so much you have helped me gain my
    confidence back!

  29. karen porton says:

    Has these workouts really worked for anything, is there any other workout
    videos like this , after havin second child im just tryin to find something
    to get rid of the baby belly as it were, :) im willing to put inyt the
    efort for something that actually works ,,,, any other suggestions , thanks
    in advance

  30. Meagan somenameindaworld says:

    I have a bit of extra weight on my hips, but I was wanting to know if doing
    this after a while will not only help get my body toned but also loose that
    weight and have it be to where my hips are formed down to the bone.

  31. Lola James says:

    I am 5’7 and weight about 110-17 usually. I have no medical issues but when
    I did the workout at the beginning my chest felt like there was someone
    sitting on it and I couldn’t breathe. Idk why this happen but does anyone
    have any ideas.

  32. TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

    @ Padma Vathi, You can have all videos downloaded, even the ones not
    available on YT buy joining Tiffany’s INNER CIRCLE FITCLUB.
    http://www.tiffanyrotheworkouts.com/join-inner-circle-fitclub TRW team

  33. yungstud171 says:

    I wish that mirror was see through, and I was behind the mirror naked with
    a bottle of lube :D

  34. kittytanwows says:

    hi, i get chest pain while doing this, and i stopped working out
    afterwards. anyone knows why am i feeling the pain ? im perfectly healthy
    and this does not occur when im doing vigorous workout .:( 

  35. Hina Naeem says:

    Hello everyone. Im 5 ft and 5″ tall with a weight of 57 kg and im 22 years
    old. I have belly fat as well on the sides. Will this workout help me
    reduce it? any other tip for me?

    I did this workout yesterday and now today when i woke up I can feel the
    pain in my whole belly

  36. FamousAnonymous says:

    You definitely feel it the next day and that only tells you that its
    working. I try to eat healthy and go to gym 2-3 times a week. I work out
    every part of my body except my core (I use to do pilates but wanted to try
    something different). This work out really woke up my mid section. Today is
    my second time doing the video and I plan to incorporate it into my normal
    workout routine. Thank you, Tiffany

  37. April Burtch says:

    Why is this video no longer available? I’m using my iPad and iPhone, could
    that be why?

  38. Daisylily says:

    go away you damn bloody muffin top !

  39. maxy mofoo says:

    I hope this works for me! I feel the soreness the next day, but I hope I’ll
    actually lose some weight! *crosses fingers*

  40. taquitaks says:

    I LOVE IT!! I have been doing this workout for a week now and the second
    day, I truly felt the soreness!! Meaning it works!! :)

  41. Lena Daries says:

    useless stupid workout, this will never work 4 weight loss. try insanity

  42. Rebekka Webber says:

    I want to loose wight on my but but is jumping jakes work great fot that.

  43. Simone Hills says:

    Did this exercise have anyone else EXTREMELY dissey? 

  44. neha bajpai says:

    I am obese is this exercise good for me

  45. Czy Angeline says:

    Will you also lose the hip size?

  46. Gracia Felexianieca says:

    I think the main point in losing fat is discipline :)

  47. Denny Jones says:

    OMGosh Tiffany! I just did your 10 min waist workout! I am going to
    faithfully do this everyday and hope your workout is the one that takes my
    belly pouch from C-section and love handles away for good! Thank you so
    much! :-) <3

  48. Ioanna Theody says:

    Can somebody plz tell me… if you want to see results do you have to do it
    more than once per day?

  49. Andrea Renaye says:

    I don’t know how i ended up on this video but i cant express enough how
    happy i am that i did!!! I am overweight and quite disgusted with myself
    for letting myself get like this. unfortunately, i have a pretty serious
    knee injury that im waiting to have surgery for. but i didn’t want to halt
    all exercise just because of it. This work out is PERFECT for me. no
    jumping or running or having to get up and down from the floor. I would hug
    Tiffany if i could!

  50. Ally A. says:

    Haha I don’t know if I’ll get a slim waist with this but it was a fun
    workout! ; )


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