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Low Carb Diet Plans For Women – The Fastest Way To Get Startet

http://metaboliccooking.fdln.in/ – Low Carb Diet Plans For Women Low carb diet plan for women can help you get a perfectly lean body that you always dream. B…

This is a popular program of Zee telugu, tip to reduce fat around the stomach, it is in Telugu.
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50 Responses to “Low Carb Diet Plans For Women – The Fastest Way To Get Startet”

  1. Kiss Zoltan Dio says:

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  2. valeriaemily021 says:

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  3. watchmefeedquads says:

    This video is the best i have ever seen.

  4. vuontoidinhcao says:

    I liked your vid alot kepp up the good work!!!!!!

  5. Nam Nguyễn Hoài says:

    And thats one like to you :D

  6. dubstepboost002 says:

    I almost made a new account just to subscribe twice! xP

  7. Hai HuynhNgoc says:

    betteer than ted

  8. abdulla sarder says:

    Hi, have you considered “BellyFatTack”? Just do a Google search and you
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  9. tubeoize says:

    Im liking this video – Pretty amazing

  10. Lee Ward says:

    I love how you did that!!

  11. Dzoce Nikolov says:

    have you ever seen something so amazing.

  12. IUseAGoprohero says:

    i will show it to all of my friends!great vid

  13. huzaifa hameed says:

    This one is the Best by far

  14. sirenblock552 says:

    You should have more plays

  15. presidentillegal says:

    why its show only my views?

  16. Hùng Trần says:

    Good video but you could make another one thats even better.

  17. vuontoidinhcao says:

    I learned alot watching this.

  18. Võ Minh Phước says:

    Subscribed…great video

  19. quoctuan04 says:

    Kudos to you on this video!

  20. iAmResist says:

    brilliant tutorial, learnt? a lot through this, thanks!

  21. phuc viet says:

    Wow, youre cute haha

  22. trialusenext says:

    -Nice job, ill be sure to keep an eye out for more of your videos :)

  23. LuciferUKTran says:

    wow… wonderful video

  24. Dan Mark says:

    I will share it , It really works and really cheap to buy it, But first my
    Toungue was irritated and later slowly fine , It really works and I’ve lost
    10 kgs and much of my belly fat Reduced, Thanks for sharing this video
    First buy in any Indian stores or Ayurvedic stores : –
    Long pepper (Piper longum), (Pippali), sometimes called Indian long pepper
    100 to 200gms as per your need
    First Take Long pepper (Piper longum), Pippali
    On slow Fire fry light (Not brown)
    Make to powder
    Day 1: Take a pinch with Honey
    Day 2 Repeat Process
    After Day 3 to 5 Increase to 2 Pinch with Honey
    Dont Take too much It Irritates your stomach
    Day 5 to 10 Take : 4 to 7 Pinch (Not More)
    continue and measure your Fat stomach from Day one
    Indian Long pepper (pippali) on Ebay linkto buy


  25. laxman sivati says:

    sir how much time it will take to lose 10kgs weight reply sir i need to
    know this
    please sir

  26. Aparna Latha says:

    if anyone knows aloervera face pack plezz tell. It was suggested by
    Panditha Elchuri

  27. Jayarama Krishna says:


  28. venkatramaiah yenumula says:


  29. 352shan says:

    I understand his language actualy he is saying drink cow urine daily as its
    a part oh hinduism religion

  30. Fareena Khan says:

    i wish i can understand plz some body translate in english i realy like
    these natural healthy tips

  31. nicky rasu says:

    fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! salim

  32. Bharti Mulani says:

    hi pls can u tell me what is he saying as I cant understand telgu and I
    want to loose weight desperately so plssss help me what is he saying?

  33. jay anand says:

    I am not that good at English , to my knowledge I have translated this to
    common language

    Reduction of tummy fat,

    Take fist full of Pipallu [ telugu ] , popularly known as long pepper, Bake
    / fry it on very small flame for fewer minutes . Later the grind and sift
    the mixture. Again sift the mixture with woolen cloth and then store it in
    a glass bottle.

    Take 3 pinches of powder and add it to 1 Tbs of honey , stir the mixture
    well, this form thick liquid

    Now you can have it before going to bed or pre dinner , not all 1 tb spoon
    mixture at once but in 4 segments.

    continue to follow the same in lunch and dinner timings.

    slowly increase the count of pinches from 3 to 7 week after week.

    Thank you , this is what the entire vid is about

  34. Kailas Nadh says:

    To people who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Go Google
    Skinnimaker Routine right away.

  35. Rakesh Babbar says:

    I would like to hear in english or hindi

  36. Anoj Kumar says:

    sir…, can i know where i can get the long pepper, i am from khammam

  37. 4vrceltic says:

    English please!!!!!!

  38. ZradnaKapusta says:

    Thank you for this great video, i think i speak for everybody on youtube
    when i say we all understand what he says and therefore this video is siper
    helpful i lost 10 pounds in a day after I wtched this 10/10 great language
    i can understand so much wow rly good id reupload this every week if i were
    you just to make sure people dont forget about this hreat video containing
    a lot of very usedul understandable information

  39. bhargavi b says:

    It’s awesome I was 65kgs after using this continously for 3month with pure
    honey my weight got reduced to 60 kgs . 

  40. harikrishna reddy says:

    pipalu a shop lo aeina vuntaya only ayurvedic shop lo na plz reply


    when it it broadcasted my dear friend

  42. Alexis Hall says:

    -________- well that wasn’t helpful at all. Thought it would be in English.

  43. dinesh humar says:

    alexis .. mix 3 spoon of long pepper powder with warm water and one spoon
    of honey . take this twice a day..

  44. Gatla Saimahesh says:


  45. shalini shetty says:

    Can i know piple in english

  46. mkrangachar says:

    Chaala mukyamaina vishayamu thelipinaaru.nenu kanipinchina vaallakella


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