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Quick Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout Routine

The last workout video with our old logo! Info for this Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout Video @ http://bit.ly/YtPiSV Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our free …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out the Prancercise Website Here: http://www.prancercise.com This video shows the 4 modes of Prancercise® .You can visit me at http://www.prancercise.com where you can learn more about…

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50 Responses to “Quick Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout Routine”

  1. jess reese says:

    can we use this to warm down aswell?

  2. บุณยนุช สุดสีสังข์ says:
  3. Honey Bunnies says:

    it kills me that this is the warmup and im tired after finishing it T,T

  4. thm teach says:

    Fitness Blender exercises are used for the purpose of Homeschool P.E.
    familiarize yourselves with the warm up exercises inshaAllah.

  5. prakhar gupta says:

    best exercise

  6. Alessandra Forti says:

    I love the 25/30/45 seconds concept although I experienced something of a
    time dilation during the jumping jack and those 30 seconds were never
    ending….. will see how long it will take me to do them all without
    running out of breath.

  7. Franziska G says:

    done :)

  8. ONEK PROOF says:

    she is soooo tall ….per Catherine

  9. Jaylin Fairbank says:

    I like working out but my only problem is running out of breath I can work
    out forever but I can’t because it just makes me lose my breath it feels
    like im going to pass out

  10. Aman .p says:

    Fitness blender has changed my life thank you !!!! I just fail to
    understand why you do this for free, how do u make a living?

  11. xstrawbrysx says:

    This is a great vid, been going to the gym for 10+ years, this is great as
    it targets the areas I need to in a warm up. I follow this by Lower Body
    Stretching Routine for Flexibility & upper body stretching, great way to
    wake myself up : )

  12. SmartDiva12 says:

    Awesome warm-up routine. Being a beginner, this was exactly what I needed.
    Thank you. :)

  13. k0oka101 says:

    U guys are awesome i love watching your vids :))

  14. Sunshine4 says:


  15. Aman .p says:

    ohhhh yhh i forgot about that!! thank you lol x

  16. MissB3789 says:

    I have 33 days to loose belly fat and to loose weight which exercise would
    you recommend?

  17. mpempoulos says:

    * I meant: “on their videos” not “on their sites”

  18. justjoyism says:

    FINALLY :D thank you ;)

  19. LegolasShadowFax says:

    you don’t really know how much i love you.. your vids? JUST AWESOME!!! best
    channel in the youtube!! this golden workouts you performance by free! no
    one would do that honestly.. thank you for everything. god bless you.

  20. acidiskllr1997 says:

    Lol why is everyone saying this is a workout? Its a warm up, the hardest is
    still to come :D

  21. Diamond Robinson says:

    i would recommend doing the ultimate workout to loose belly fat loss. It’s
    helped me alot (:

  22. MissB3789 says:

    I love your videos, c

  23. Jaime Lannister says:

    You guys are amazing!! Thank you !! I have one question Is it enough to do
    cardio exercises 2 times in a week ? :D Hope you answer!

  24. KLR307 says:

    You are also able to donate to them and you can buy one of their 8 week fat
    loss programs too.

  25. BananaBubbi says:

    I love that it says “Warm up complete” at the end, kinda like it’s saying
    “You did it”.

  26. social seahawks fan says:

    Nice camel toe…

  27. Jo C says:

    I wish I looked this good when walking.

  28. Vincent Andy Sieh says:

    Is this real? Or is she just trolling?

  29. Kedar Gadgil says:

    funny how john travolta walks like this and still looks macho…no wonder he
    is a gay icon!

    thanks for the share +Thomas Hesmert 

  30. Madisson Tablet says:

    XD now this is haunting meh WHYYYY!!! xD so funny

  31. Natalie Kubosh says:

    how have i not seen this before?!?

  32. Diego Sanchez says:

    What’s the name of this song?

  33. kleman6 says:

    I’m just here for the music…

  34. mona n says:

    Ah ha! Now I know who inspired Psy’s “Gangnam Style” !!

  35. chd wwk says:

    Say what you want but she’s fit.

  36. Aiden Whittaker says:

    Well if you need to find something new to do…prancercise

  37. Elisa T says:

    I wish I looked this good when walking.

  38. Steven Leggett says:

    I can’t stop watching.

  39. Missy Minx says:

    People need to cut it with the camel toe, I’ve seen more guys with moose
    toe in the 80s with those tight jeans than anything else and noone cares.
    Yes, women have vaginas, good for you for discovering such an amazing

  40. ViciousProGamer says:

    She was on South Beach Tow. xD

  41. SeaFox10 says:

    It would take you an hour to go 100 yards this way!

  42. Rotten Puppets says:

    Perfect for the Brony in your life to get ready for the big cosplay

  43. HaydenHillTV says:

    hahahahahh what the hell?!?!?!?!?!

  44. Suzy Freeman says:

    I think I saw a crouching panther at 1:42. Gotta love this gal’s spirit.

  45. Enrique Salceda says:


  46. Corey Broslow says:

    It gets better!

    Original – Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

  47. Zachariah Logan says:

    Oh my gosh she has a ton of publicity

  48. MissFriponne says:

    Good for you! It looks like this workout is working great for you. I like
    your energy and enthusiasm. Keep it up. It’s great to see people be
    themselves. I think that workout would probably work great for me too. :)

  49. quitenerdy1 says:

    crip walk those pounds away!

  50. Fauve Fauteux says:

    If you are bored or just pissed, just prancercise and your spirit will be
    lifted up !

    She’s just too cute! lol

    Original – Prancercise: A Fitness Workout


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