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Sugar Substitute That is Great For You and Will Prevent You From Gaining Weight!

Whether you use ordinary sugar (white or brown) or artificial sweeteners, you should know that every time you ingest it you distance yourself from your weight-loss goal by a mile. Sugar widely available in stores stresses all organs in the body and so the body cannot focus on its other important tasks such as releasing excess fat storage or healing.
Much has been written about the negative effects of refined sugar on the body and yet it’s probably not sufficient because people are still ingesting this poisonous substance.

We must realise that all the sugar, in whatever artificially made form, is not the correct food for us (especially considering the amount of it). Refined sugar weakens the cells and thus weakens the body. It destroys the pancreas and burdens liver and kidneys. These treat sugar as toxin and must work overtime to get the body rid of it.

The artificial sweeteners used to be a welcome savior when it comes to sweetening our lives. Not anymore. Today’s research points at facts that artificial sugar such as aspartame has a direct connection to cancer.

When it comes to the fruit, a healthy body has no problem dealing with the natural sugars that fruit has. However, most of us are out of balance due to various reasons and so even sugar in – let’s say – banana can cause trouble. This can be prevented by a correct choice of foods.

There is one substitute for sugar that is becoming widely available and I highly recommend it. Its name is Xylitol and it is made from birch bark. Xylitol is not only a safe, natural sweetener without the bad side-effects of sugar and artificial substitutes, it’s also good for your teeth, it stabilizes insulin and hormone levels, and promotes good health. You can usually get it in health food stores.

Xylitol is great when it comes to weight loss because the body does not treat it as toxic. Thus it doesn’t need to create extra fat layers to protect us from toxicity.

New research points at many negative side-effects of the ordinary sugar. But as always, nature comes to the rescue. Xylitol has been used as great substitute; it could be seen for example in the new generation of chewing-gums. It is also good to use when embarking on diet in effort to lose weight. However, just like with everything, when using it do not go overboard. It needs to be used only when necessary.

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