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F-Factor Diet – Discover the Secrets Behind Permanent Weight Loss

For many years, people have been searching for a great weight-loss program that holds true to its promise of effectively reducing weight and fat. Unfortunately, most products that surfaced in the market are fad Diets that only cause health problems and complications. On the good side, more research and experiments have led professionals to discover some of the most effective Diet programs known to man. Here is what Tanya Zuckerbot, author of the F-factor Diet book, has found. Through her book, …

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Exercise and Your Diet Program

… side-effects on your health. In some cases a Dieter can get addicted to these medicines, so it is important to steer clear of them. It is essential to lose weight in a safe and healthy way and not by ruining your health and overall well-being. It’s important to use healthy weight loss plans which will definitely help you to get that well toned physique and also enhance your overall well-being. It is important to add that the natural foods and Diet supplements are the best for most Dieters and …

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Know More About The HCG Diet Before Your HCG Purchase

HCG Diet for weight-loss has become one of the most preferable methods to shed off extra calories. Along with the Diet drops, the HCG Diet food list is also to be followed in order to lose weight effectively. If you are serious about your weight-loss regime, make your HCG purchase today and start your way to a healthy lifestyle. What Is The HCG Diet? HCG Diet drops are playing a vital role in lives of millions of obese Americans who with its usage, are now able to get rid of their excess …

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Diet For Weight Loss – Harvard University Study Finds the Number of Calories Matters, Not the Type

Many popular Diets for weight loss emphasize one energy source over the other. This study from Harvard University’s School of Public Health titled, “Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates” was conducted to determine if varying the energy source of calories (carbohydrates, fat or protein) of overweight peoples Diet’s affected their weight loss. The authors chose a longitudinal experimental design, monitoring the same …

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Diet Programs And Meals – The Fit For Life Diet

The Fit For Life Diet was created by Doctor Harvey Diamond and is based on the principles of natural hygiene. About half of your food intake comes from raw fruits and vegetables. The theory is that raw foods contain unaltered enzymes, which are destroyed by heat during cooking. Giving a place of privilege to raw foods provides your body with extra energy from proteins and carbohydrates. Here are some of the principles. Eat at least as much raw food as cooked food. Eat a lot of fruit. According …

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500 Calorie Diet – The Magic Number For Extreme Weight Loss

If you have tried every Diet under the moon, stars and sun then you may fancy throwing caution to the wind and looking at the 500-Calorie Diet … as thousands of people have already done. But there are some things that you should consider first, before trying the 500 calorie Diet. Otherwise, you may be doing your medium-term Dieting goals more harm than good. Of all the low-calorie Diets on the ‘weight-loss market’ today, the 500-calorie Diet is one of the lowest. So! …

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Eat This, Not That Diet Basics – A Diet For Men

In order to get into the weight-loss industry, a Diet program or book has to offer measures and alternatives that are touted for their sound scientific claims. But not the book “Eat This, Not That!” by Men’s Health. It is not your ordinary Diet guide; it is, in fact, a guide on counting food calories to trigger long-term weight loss. It takes away the guesswork on how much calorie is in certain types of food, thus giving its readers full knowledge of how to stay clear of foods …

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Weight Loss – Adkins, Zone Diet Or Wu Long Tea For Weight Loss

The Zone Diet, developed by biochemist Barry Sears, promotes the philosophy of eating few carbohydrates, and lots of meat. Although at first counterintuitive, it has become very popular. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston publicly endorse the Diet. Eating too many carbohydrates causes weight gain by increasing insulin levels. Counter this to Oolong tea Diet. Scientists at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan, shows that drinking oolong tea 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates helps …

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